The most engaging bunch of dancers you can imagine is here on an all too infrequent visit. Hubbard Street Dance Chicago is a 22-member crew of personable, versatile performers, accomplished in a mix of ballet, modern, and jazz modes, who are out to please without begging. They're strong, swift, supple—and as feisty as they come, with energy that seems limitless. Their elevation is sky-high and buoyant. Their arms are eloquent. Their feet seem to caress the floor. They give you texture; they give you phrasing. But here's the best thing: Accomplished though they are, they have no attitude. They just dance. They don't show off. They don't emote. They don't try to sell you anything—not the choreography, not themselves. Call this company style, if you like (it's certainly pervasive); I... More >>>