Score one yesterday for the waning street art of graffiti, as urbanwear designer and self-described "navigator of youth culture" Marc Ecko was granted a city permit to throw his graffiti-art street demonstration, scheduled for Wednesday. Ecko had filed suit on August 19 to reinstate his permit for the block-long party, which was revoked by the city on July 18. The problem: Ten 48-foot-long replicas of the city's old blue-bird subway cars, which would serve as personal canvases for 20 well-known graffiti artists. "Look, there is a fine line here between freedom of expression and going out and encouraging people to hurt this city," Mayor Michael Bloomberg had said. "Defacing subway cars is hardly a joke; encouraging people, kids in particular, to do that after all the money we've spent, all the time we've spent... More >>>