Growing up in Canada, John Mikl Thor got his first taste of the spotlight in regional bodybuilding competitions. By the early '70s, he had already found success as Mr. Canada and Mr. USA. Bodybuilding, however, soon took second stage as he found his true calling. Merging feats of strength, Norse mythology, and heavy metal music, Thor found himself at the forefront of a new musical genre, "Gladiator Rock." While rocking out to songs like "Thunder on the Tundra" and "Let the Blood Run Red," he would bend bars of steel with his teeth, have cinder blocks smashed on his stomach, and battle demons on stage. His influence is far-reaching, inspiring bands such as Manowar, Armored Saint, and even GWAR. Henry Rollins is also a fan. After an extended period under the radar, Thor has recently... More >>>