I vouch that all of the albums below with female singers (Anemo, Austin, Bedingfield, Birthday Massacre, Gilmore, Hill, Partlow) achieve batting averages of .500 or higher. At least, that is, if you ignore Gilmore's 11-track "bonus CD," which has no song titles, though track four (which kinda recalls Nirvana's "Sliver") and track eight are pretty noteworthy regardless. Also, please take into account that the most obnoxious cut on Faith Hill's album (a totally innocuous and muddleheaded anti-violence but apparently pro-war protest ditty with a chorus that asks, "Is everything A-OK in the U.S.A.?") may also be one of the best. As for 16-year-old exurban Memphis family farm pea picker and singer of Fran Drescher TV themes Hope Partlow, a leap of faith that she's the new John Cougar might help. But hey, it was... More >>>