You can imagine our founding fathers plotting the revolution over plates of fresh game and swigs of hearty country wine in a place like Freemans. The intimate 50-seat restaurant is decorated in a rustic American colonial style with black painted woodwork, unfinished plank floors, and taxidermy along the walls. An oil painting of what owners Tavvo Somer and William Tigertt like to think of as a young George Washington hangs next to the bar. Like all good settlers, Somer knew this uncharted location was the spot to lay his claim when he discovered it while looking for a party space a couple of years ago. The official address was 191 Chrystie Street, but after they knocked out the bricked-over entrance on Freeman Alley this former halfway house was transformed into a culinary hideout with a Masonic feel. Dishes are traditional American and hint at the old-world influences brought here by the Irish, English, and French who established this very neighborhood... More >>>