"When they talk about Africa, they talk about disease and war," Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour told the audience midway through the third of four nights at Carnegie Hall. "But Africa has more. Africa wants to move toward Africa." The series' first three performances—grouped together as "This Is Africa"—showcased a part of our world we need to understand much better. Sunday night explored Senegalese griot storytelling and praise singing, Monday introduced new talent Julia Sarr, and Tuesday's "The Story of Mbalax" presented N'Dour as he's best known, with a stripped-down version of his fabled Super Etoile band. The music's blend of Senegalese percussion, Afro-Cuban flava, and deep r&b grit is rendered even more hypnotic by the hijaz melodic scales and muezzin vocals that blew into sub-Saharan Africa many centuries ago from the minarets... More >>>