Deep inside himself, quick-tongued singer-songwriter Jason Mraz harbors a desire to be a kiddiepop hip-hop hero. In "Wordplay," the likably obnoxious lead single from his second studio album, the 28-year-old Virginia native refers to past hits à la Kanye West and views his artistry as a business, just like actual businessman Jay-Z: "Before the record label puts me on the shelf up in the freezer," he worries, "gotta find another way to live the life of leisure." What's more, "Geek in the Pink"—co-written by Scott Storch, with Dr. Dre sideman Mike Elizondo on bass and the Roots' ?uestlove on drums—laces Maroon 5 Caucasoid-soul guitar with a high-pitched G-funk whine and perfunctory turntable scratches (which, OK, Mraz probably lifted... More >>>