After a night of boot-scooting with lesbian cowgirl Crystal Kimmey, New Yorkers should be crying foul that Gotham is not even a spoke on our nation's big wagon wheel of gay rodeos and homo country bars. A three-year veteran of the gay and lesbian rodeo circuit, Kimmey rides bulls, wrestles steers to the ground, and teaches line-dancing at Charlie's, the only county-and-western gay bar in Chicago. That's not the case in Houston and Phoenix, which boast several gay honky-tonks, or Colorado, home of the International Gay Rodeo Association, with 40 chapters coast to coast. Underneath a neon sign that reads, "one of those lil' pisant country bars" we talk about Crystal's three favorite things, her six-month old son Seamus, her partner Tracuy (who's last name she took)... More >>>