Hadramawt is a narrow wadi—or valley—that snakes its way through the craggy mountains of Yemen near the Empty Quarter desert. Snuggling the cliffs like a mini-Manhattan, the ancient city of Shibam sprouts eight-story adobe skyscrapers encircled by mud-brick walls six feet thick and 20 feet high. Utilizing an alternative spelling, Hadramout is also the name of the latest Yemeni addition to the narrow wadi of Brooklyn's Atlantic Avenue, close to the dreadful desert of the rail yards development site. Not as visually prepossessing as Shibam, the restaurant occupies a plain walk-down box decorated with a few travel posters, sporting a halal menu featuring roasts of lamb and chicken served with rice or pitas. Pick the pitas: The hubcap-size flatbreads are killer, brought smoking from the oven in seemingly endless quantities. Though entrées range from $11 to $14, this includes three... More >>>