I've only been to four or five Adult Entertainment Expos, but it feels like I've been to them all. Once you've seen photos of starlets blown up to sixteen times their actual size, mile-long lines of fans, and every kind of sex on display in 75,000 square feet, the wonder of it all is sort of gone. It was difficult to rouse enthusiasm this year, so I decided to seek out an AEE virgin, hoping that she might show me the event through her wide eyes. When I meet 18 year old Michelle Maylene, she had just finished being primped by a makeup artist. The daughter of a stripper, this half Filipino, half French young lady tells me she's wanted to be in porn since she was fifteen. Less than five feet tall, with bright beautiful eyes, Michelle was introduced to the industry through her boyfriend and has been working for seven months. She estimates she has shot more than fifty movies. I follow her back to her room, where she fusses with her eye shadow ("I wanted it darker, but she didn't do it right") and her hair. Then we head to the convention floor, where her first stop is the Club Jenna booth. She is a... More >>>