Jonah Bokaer, at 18 the youngest dancer ever hired by Merce Cunningham, is now, at 24, a freelance choreographer, "dance activist," and host of the monthly Shtudio Show, held in his loft in Bushwick—while still touring internationally with his august mentor. "We're creating a permissive space where anything can happen. Dissent is practically the password to get in," he says of the series, returning March 18 and April 15. "I'm wearing many hats here; dancers today have to. All of us—Jeremy Wade, Loren Dempster, with Miguel Gutierrez curating—are producers, artists, facilitators, activists; there's an incredible body of work happening, across generations and across disciplines. It's a free zone, artist run." I first noticed Bokaer in Marisela LaGrave's Magnetic Laboratorium doing yoga in the middle of Essex Street (viewers watched from a second-floor window). Last year he... More >>>