Kayla LoCicero comes from Louisiana, and is best discussing her Chinese and Jamaican neighbors and singing over John Cougar and Hollies riffs about a rebel girl who's "ready for revolution" and who "colors outside of the lines, just a little to the left," though maybe that just means she's bad with crayons. Brityn Lotz comes from Louisiana and is best singing about going back to Lafayette and about a 40-year-old who celebrates her midlife crisis with a new bouffant and go-go boots and boyfriend half her age. Hurricane Mason come from Oklahoma but sing about New Orleans a lot anyway, and their song about how "the rich man makes the rules and the poor man writes the songs" sounds how Bruce Springsteen's alleged early-'70s metal band Steel Mill might've sounded. On his debut album Bruce rhymed "growing up" with "throwing up," as did the Dictators, whose Ross the Boss is now in the Brain Surgeons. In 1975 Bruce interpolated "Moondance" into "Kitty's Back." On March 7 of this year, Van Morrison released a lame and perfunctory country album. The Van Morrison country album that Lee Roy Parnell put out the same day is... More >>>