The music industry's latest payola scandal still occupies New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer. But this time around he is honing his sights on radio operators accepting bribes instead of labels doling them out, which is why he chose to sue Entercom, a Pennsylvania company that owns more than 100 stations. Spitzer not only accused the company of accepting money, but he also alleged that Entercom asked for cash from the labels, according to a March 8 press release from his office. And it seems that, since radio station executives left behind e-mail evidence, they won't be able to blame their underlings. In one e-mail exchange, a program director complained about previewing certain CDs to generate payola. An executive replied: "These are not optional. They come from corporate and generate millions of dollars for Entercom." In the end, Entercom will likely agree to pay fines and promise reforms, as Warner Music and Sony BMG did with earlier... More >>>