Get on your feet, everybody, it's an Eddytor's Dozen dance party! Not to mention a perfect time to ask the question: How come the songs that place on Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play chart (for instance "Nice Day" by Oakland band Persephone's Bees, charting at No. 4 last week) tend to be so different from the songs that place on Billboard's Hot Dance Airplay chart (for instance "Love of My Life," a duet with Reina by Queens guy Lucas Prata, No. 10 last week)? Coldplay (!?) are toward the top of the former chart and the bottom of the latter, but Natasha Bedingfield is just the opposite. And apparently these days people are dancing to CeCe Winans, Bette Midler, the Rolling Stones, Blondie vs. the Doors, and the theme from Brokeback Mountain when they go out, but not when the radio's on at home. Yet Fall Out Boy's "Dance, Dance," of all things, is hitting in both places—maybe because it... More >>>