In which the gap between metal and country narrows to not much more than an AC/DC riff, though obviously it depends on which metal and which country you look at. Meanwhile, parentheses-happy young outlaw nogoodniks filter Jerry Reed through "It's Not Easy Being Green" [Jennings's "Alligator Stomp (The Ballad of Dr. Martin Luther Frog, Jr.)"] and "CB Savage" [Watson's "Truckin' Queen (I Got My Night Gown On . . . )"]. And rural adolescents channel White Stripes (Allen's "Dear Carl") and Lisa Lisa (Lindsey & Kristy's "This Boy"), while lady green-eyed-soul producer Lari White helps formerly angry American Toby Keith's Dixieland minstrel move catch up with the nostalgia for antebellum nostalgia that Dino recorded a... More >>>