Stephen Patrick Morrissey, the famously bleak singer for the Smiths and the solo artist who later forged a political career as mayor of Moz Angeles, has died and gone to heaven. He was 1,000 years old. Well, technically he was 49, but his years in L.A. alone added up to several lifetime's worth of the Mexicali blues. And while we're checking facts, let's make that heaven on earth. It's a little death he has experienced—"There's explosive kegs between my legs," he moans uncharacteristically in the epic ballad of a horndog "Dear God Please Help Me"—but his eighth studio title renders it as only this megalobrainiac can: in the form of a concept album about life's various ends, conclusions and goals alike. It's the midlife crisis of a perpetual teenager. Who's finally getting laid. Concept album, hell. Tap a keg: It's... More >>>