Ah, Wikipedia: No true believer in the democratic promise of the Web can fail to gladden at the very mention of this grand experiment—the universal encyclopedia "anyone can edit"!—or fail to have noticed, by now, what a fucked-up little mockery of that promise it can sometimes be. If you've been keeping tabs at all, for instance, it won't surprise you to learn that disaffected Wikipedia veterans have started a splinter site, wikitruth.info, for airing "censored" Wikipedia articles and witty, excoriating analysis of the petty tyrannies and ugly infighting that thrive behind the scenes there. Nor should it surprise you that Wikipedia's murky powers-that-be initially forbade any article about Wikitruth, invoking administrative privilege to delete the first such article within minutes of its posting. Hell, real insiders won't even blink at the official reason for Wikitruth's exclusion from what aspires to be, per Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales, "the sum of human knowledge": Not libelous, not inflammatory, not even full of shit, the site was deemed, simply,... More >>>