The chance that future archaeologists will identify the 21st century as the Duct Tape Age is looking good right now, and you can blame it on a peculiarly 21st-century crafts bazaar called Etsy. True, Etsy's eBay-style community of crafters do sell a lot more things that aren't made entirely out of the one 3M product no serial killer can do without, but there's something so striking about both the quantity and quality of duct tape items here that it's easy to forget that. Wallets made of duct tape, faux cake slices made of duct tape, duct tape totes reinforced with Candy Land and Scrabble game boards, dazzling duct tape handbags made by "World Famous Art School" faculty and sixteen-year-old girls—it's like the last traces of a high school senior trip shipwrecked on a desert island with a cargo of Home... More >>>