We've spilled lots of ink in these pages about new Sumatran restaurants like Minang Asli and Upi Jaya that have changed our way of thinking about Indonesian food, endearing us to jackfruit curries, lontong rice cubes, and sludgy beef rendangs cooked in thick coconut milk. Now Java—the commercial hub of the 18,000 island Indonesian archipelago—strikes back. Just down the block from Minang Asli on Elmhurst's exploding Whitney Avenue dining strip, Mie Jakarta ("Jakarta Noodles") appeared in the space vacated by Padang Raya, a Sumatran establishment. Score one for Java! Painted several shades of pink and offering only a handful of tables, this small café emulates a warung—a hawker stall specializing in one or two dishes done to perfection. Like the name says, Mie Jakarta's... More >>>