Admit it: For years you've been burning to know what ol' Phyllis Diller really thinks about electric cars, which first (dis)appeared in her youth. "They were very quiet," she recalls. (Isn't a Mack truck quiet compared to Phyllis Diller?) The real question is why this purportedly impassioned documentary investigation of a great subject—the culture's conspiratorial dismissal of eco-friendly alternatives to the gas-guzzler—would assume such massive viewer disinterest that it coats the pill with C-list celebrity NutraSweet, including Martin Sheen voiceovers ("As the 20th century gathered speed . . . ") that would sound unforgivably hackneyed even on basic cable. An opening vignette in a California cemetery has GM's produced-and-abandoned EV-1 being "buried" by tearful mourners (ha-ha); subsequent title cards, complete with Fox News–ish animation (whoosh!), finger so many of the usual suspects (e.g., carmakers, lawmakers, big oil, us) that the titular question... More >>>