Lead Dixie Chick Natalie Maines has always had a warm voice that nonetheless contains flicks of the whip, and "Not Ready to Make Nice" is perfect for it: minor chord at the start, slow but not a dirge, sets us up for the lash we know is coming. But the words don't cut as deep as they should. Look, you guys were blackballed and terrorized, and the chill and the fear still remain for anyone who wants to make a living in or near country music. In the first verse, Natalie tells us, "I'm through with doubt/There's nothing left to figure out," but in the second we find there's plenty still to figure out: "How in the world can the words that I said/Send somebody so over the edge/That they'd write me a letter, sayin' that I'd better/Shut up and sing or my life would be over?" OK, Natalie, try to answer your... More >>>