Had I not known better, I would've sworn that Renee Scroggins, vocalist and unofficial mouthpiece for New York City's legendary sister act ESG, was still just an ebullient teenager. Over the phone her excitable, chirpy voice reveals absolutely no sense of her age, despite the fact that the Scroggins sisters—Renee, Valerie, Marie, and Deborah, who opted out in the '90s—have been banging out stripped-down yet supple funk since the early '80s. In fact, Renee's son is now 17 himself, while her teen daughter Nicole holds down the bass for the familial quintet. "Listen," Renee says from her new digs down in Atlanta, as the band preps for some U.S. dates. "It doesn't matter your age—inside, you're still young at heart. You know, I still have relationships. I still fall in love, fall out of love and stuff. But you know, no matter, you still have that... More >>>