After Warhol's Mao wallpaper and Komar and Melamid's socialist-realism send-ups of Lenin and Stalin, you'd think campy Communist icons were passé. But this trio of brothers from China's Guangxi Province bring a Jeff Koonsian polish to their resin statues of cherubic, pigtailed infants happily gurgling over mammoth hamburgers and six-packs of Coke, each tableau rendered in high-gloss silver, gold, red, or blue. A five-foot-square oil portrait of an up-and-coming, baby-faced Mao is crammed with sun-drenched flowers, golden carp, and Western soft drinks, while a tall, ink-on–rice paper painting dispenses with the machine-like finish of the other works to atomize a cadre of uniformed dancers into beautiful, multicolored abstract blots. A collision of Communism's sunniest propaganda with capitalism's shiny consumerist frenzy, these canny images comment on China's current economic... More >>>