"I just love Harlem," gushes David Schommer, holding court in the gorgeous, hookah-laden fifth-floor apartment- and home studio he now uses to sing Harlem's praises. "I connect with the neighborhood musically. It's not this overt thing it wears on its shoulder, unless it's Sunday afternoon and all the gospel churches are spilling out on the street. It's this thing where you go into stores and you're not hearing just Hot 97. You're not just hearing typical stuff. I go to the corner and I listen to Dominican music, the best salsa and merengue. The vendors from Senegal and Bali, they're playing their stuff, they're playing their call to prayer. Then you also have gospel, and if you walk down the street, there's also hip-hop. So you've got hip-hop, gospel, the call to prayer, and merengue all mixing in your skull... More >>>