Burgers are everywhere, and they're zooming upscale. Maybe it's a sign of the economic downturn, but every name chef seems to be dabbling in ground-meat patties that were once the exclusive province of bars, diners, and fast food chains. Daniel Boulud stuffs his with foie gras and truffles and charges $29 at DB Bistro, while the Old Homestead sculpts patties from Kobe beef and demands $41. Danny Meyer, striving to re-create the hamburger of his youth in the Midwest, fabricates his Shake Shack burger out of short ribs and brisket. Now, new burger joints are sprouting in trendy neighborhoods like toadstools, charging double the price of a diner hamburger, selling fries as a side, and tempting you with toppings that range from sun-dried tomatoes to porcini sauce to fried eggs. Accept the offer of a milkshake, beer, or glass of wine, and you'll end up with a tab of $25 or more, for what was once a bargain meal. I recently set out on a burger-spotting expedition; below are my field... More >>>