Monday's amazing three-course special plucks Portuguese peasant dishes from the regular menu. Among the apps are wild boar meatballs wallowing in bright orange squash, and caldo verde, a limpid soup of kale and smoked sausage. It's something like drinking pork barbecue. For entrées, my date and I selected a crumb-dotted casserole of salt cod and potatoes—sided with a salad so small, you could have inhaled it accidentally—and açorda, seafood bread pudding textured like Thanksgiving stuffing. Ringed with shrimp, mussels, clams, and a pair of giant scallops, it arose like a volcano out of the rich seafood broth. "This is as good as bouillabaisse or bourride," my date mused, delighted with our bargain dinner, which also included amuses, a choice of desserts, and farewell chocolate... More >>>