Fitting for a guy who spouts the supernatural, Roger Kynard Erickson sported a bright-red shirt for his first-ever East Coast show, held on Friday the 13th. As chilling as his songs are, they're no match for the frightening real life of the Austin singer-guitarist, who's second only to Dante in chronicling the lower depths. "You're Gonna Miss Me," Roky's 1966 garage hit with the 13th Floor Elevators, was followed by a descent into a cycle of prescribed and unprescribed drugs, schizophrenic episodes, and asylum visits. In the mid '70s, he gathered himself up to create graphic and extraordinary songs about demons, aliens, and other strange creatures. Over a decade, he produced a series of singles, two albums, and the occasional local gig before his career ground to a halt in the late '80s. After an '89 mail fraud bust, he lived a secluded life, though a 1990 tribute album (featuring ZZ Top and R.E.M.) furthered his legend. As documented in the recent film named after his Elevators hit, an intra-family court battle let his brother Sumner take over Roky's care in 2001—this got him back to his regular medication regimen and rekindled his interest in music, starting with a... More >>>