It's easy to fall in love with Juliette. A pinched front gives way to a serpentine layout: first an antique bar with tables strewn here and there, then a dimly lit room with walls colored a carnal shade of red, sprouting the usual acid-etched mirrors. Up a few steps lurks a plant-filled solarium, and on the roof discover an open-air bar that offers excellent views of The Girdle Factory across the street—a place that once made foundation garments, but now houses a shopping mall. Oh, Williamsburg! I don't like Juliette's throbbing electro soundtrack much, but I figure that puts me in the minority among patrons swilling colorful cocktails and daintily nibbling appetizers. Maybe because of the name there are lots of well-turned-out girls here, and the earnest boys they bring with them seem like accessories, hanging on... More >>>