It is a temporarily glorious Saturday afternoon in Central Park, and the Frisbee-wielding denizens herein are visibly disturbed by the amorphous thrash wafting from the SummerStage compound nearby. It's opening weekend for the splendid free concert series, which today features a show advertised in the program as "three generations of alternative music," headlined by what's rumored to be the mighty Television's last show ever. But first, it's time for the amorphous thrash, courtesy of fellow NYC dudes Dragons of Zynth. Up close, their thrash sounds only moderately more morphous. They leap about acrobatically and portend the prog apocalypse. Primus on TV on the Radio. And then, out of nowhere, they close their set with an eight-minute falsetto-laden power ballad that appears to be sincere. Oh, I... More >>>