After I finish interviewing Aa in what could reasonably be called a front yard in Fort Greene, band ringleader Aron sheepishly says, "Well, if you feel like staying and playing drums with us in the show this weekend"—at Brooklyn promoter Todd P's annual Roosevelt Island barbecue—"you really should." So we rehearsed. I went into the basement and banged on a bass drum and bells like a juiced-up five-year-old for about an hour and a half. There's that. Fourth wall broken, code of journalistic ethic destroyed. But with Aa it made sense—Hank, a drummer in that weekend's show and coincidentally a music writer, sympathized: "Normally, I'd get hung up about it too, but at their first shows, they just used to hand drums out to random people in the audience and, y'know, tell... More >>>