"We're in a middle of a very annoying generation of Hollywood filmmakers that just want to tell you how evil the world is," says theater director Peter Sellars. "And each movie outdoes itself in presenting the evil of the world. I don't need art to figure that out. We got it. The point is: What else is there?" Sellars decided to address this problem head-on. To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth in 2006, the city of Vienna tapped Sellars to head up the New Crowned Hope festival, an ambitious arts event in the composer's honor. Sellars says he agreed to oversee the festival "as long as there's not one note of Mozart in the whole thing. Because everyone will be maxed out on Mozart." Instead, "the whole point was to commission new work." So instead of focusing on 18th- century Europe, Sellars decided to make New Crowned Hope a platform for pre- mieres from international artists in numer- ous disciplines. These include a suite of new films underwritten by the festival, arriving at... More >>>