Sunday's Thrashfest supposedly started at 4 p.m., but things didn't get underway until well after six. Of the nine bands billed, two didn't show, and the sequencing of those that did left something to be desired. No one seemed to mind, though, as the bar opened at five, giving the 100-strong crowd plenty of time to become sufficiently intoxicated. Furthermore, we had two good reasons to be there: first, the reunion of Virginia's gun-toting speed-metal forefathers, At War; second, the first New York appearance by Canyon Country, California's Merciless Death, who unleashed a complete onslaught, fast, brutal, and precise—in short, everything thrash metal should be. Following in a long line of California bands (including Exodus, Dark Angel, and, yes, Slayer), they make you wonder what the hell they're drinking over there, and whether or... More >>>