What brought BAM audience members to their feet and made them yell and scream? Was it Nacho Duato’s choreography, or the Compañia Nacional de Danza’s magnificent performers? A bit of both, of course. Duato’s work requires a fervor that goes beyond virtuosity and commitment into the realm of heroism, yet, oddly, he makes it difficult for us to identify the dancers as individuals. No program bios, no photos on the company website. In the three pieces on the recent BAM program, they’re costumed identically for the most part; they often move in unison, evenly spaced out on the stage. Individuals break out here and there, merge in duets, or join in comradely trios, yet we know them only as tall-man-with curly-hair or medium-sized-blondish-man (I think this... More >>>