"Brian Wilson wrote this song for me," Ronnie Spector said on Wednesday at her annual holiday party at Life, "but because of publishing and contracts and stuff, I couldn't record it then. But I can sing it now." And the woman who made mascara a rock'n'roll necessity launched into "Don't Worry Baby," a coupling of singer and song that should have been ordained. Like Spector's first Ronettes hit, "Be My Baby," "Don't Worry" 's chorus cascades into the most primal— downright infantile— of hooks-cum­terms of endearment. No one sings "baby" like Spector, whether she's breaking the first syllable in half or singing it river deep, as she did on Wilson's tune, sounding not like the ultimate girl-group singer, not like the original bad girl, but sounding like a man. Funny, since Wilson sang... More >>>