Cigar connoisseurs will recognize the Soho-looking storefront of Fort Greene's Sol by the logo, which bears more than a passing resemblance to a Cohiba band. Others will notice the crowded bar through the large glass windows, or perhaps be lured by the design. Somebody here's been studying their feng shui. White votive candles flicker in unadorned windows and alongside smooth river rocks on bare wood tables. Overhead lights are arrayed to evoke the incense cones in Chinese temples. Even when crowded with a noisy full house, the dining room maintains a certain air of calm. And slick design isn't all Sol offers. The spot boasts an ambitious Asian/Latin menu that improvises fusion riffs on the increasingly familiar comidas-chinas-y- criollas-goes-uptown theme. When the macho assertiveness of Latin food meets up with the delicate flavors of Asia, a masterful hand is called for in the kitchen and not always found. That's the... More >>>