When we talk about movies, we must also talk about moviegoing, which means we really should talk about chairs. There are 110 of them at Ocularis, a Sunday-night art-house series at the Galapagos Arts & Performance Space in Williamsburg. Volunteers arrive early to help set them up. "It reminds me of where I used to see movies back in Ireland, where the cinema doubled as a discotheque during the week," says Ocularis director Donal O'Ceilleachair. At the Collective Unconscious experimental theater on the Lower East Side, the Tuesday-night audiences can place the 72 folding chairs however they want— as long as they don't get in the way of the five projectors that run simultaneously. At Cinema Classics, the café­screening room­ warehouse on East 11th Street, viewers settle into thrones smuggled down from a Jehovah's Witness church upstate. And inside the new Union Square gigaplex, the armrests retract vertically so that enterprising couples can... More >>>