Before I lock and load, let me state my bias. I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU and the NRA. I don't want the state in my uterus or my gun collection. Having guns controlled by the government is like having abortion rights regulated by men. As with abortion, the debates over guns in America are underscored by seemingly irreconcilable differences, if not seething hatred: conflicting values based on structural positions of class, race, gender, religion, and region. At the bottom of the gun controversies is a bitter culture war in which pro-gun Second Amendment fanatics see America on the verge of anarchy, requiring law-abiding people to arm themselves in self-defense. Such people no longer believe the police can protect them, or that they live in a democracy. Anti-gun crusaders are cosmopolitans who look to European society as a bastion of peaceful gun-free sanity. These gun-control advocates view America as a violent nation awash in firearms, held hostage to the impulsive acts of unstable people. Living in two different worlds, each side feeds... More >>>