The "heavy" in Dwight "Heavy D" Myers's stage moniker has always stood for more than the rapper's size, so why shouldn't it be the title of his new CD? When Andre Harrell (himself an ex-rapper) first dared to step away from executive ranks at Def Jam to start his own label, Heavy D became his muse, his idée fixe. This serious-minded teenager from a hardworking Jamaican family came to Uptown Records from money-earnin' Mount Vernon with just the right moves, charisma, and feel for polyrhythmic r&b to give his rhymes a crossover potential quite different from the raw, gritty, rock-inflected sound Rick Rubin was crafting for Def Jam. "The Overweight Lover M.C." was the catchphrase Andre created to sell D, thinking that a suave, chunky, but streetwise brother like Myers squared off perfectly against the scruffy long-limbed little ruffneck then being played by Def Jam's top... More >>>