A customer walks into Three Lives and Co., the West Village bookstore, and picks up a copy of ‘The Portrait of a Lady.’ At the counter, the clerk hesitates, seeing the Signet logo. Signet’s is the 1881 version; Henry James made considerable revisions to this text, and his revised version, issued 27 years later, is the one published by Bantam. Thanks to the cashier, the shopper ends up with the Bantam edition. But the customer would never have known of these essential nuances from a digital sale with Amazon; the only guidance the site offers is its customer reviews. So how did one Chicago consumer comment on the Signet copy? "The cover for the Signet version is best. The appearance, with the muted watercolor image, is just so much more classy than all the others. It really carries across that 'literary' feel that I think the author of the book is attempting. It looks great on my bookshelf! I look forward to... More >>>