A choice poisoned-fortune-cookie aphorism from the Black Box Recorder album: "Life is unfair/Kill yourself or get over it." A wiseass rejoinder, from, of all places, the penultimate song on the new Quasi record: "Who said life was fair?/But smile— it's not so bad." The collected works of Luke Haines, dour Britpop anarchist, and Sam Coomes, depressed West Coast socialist, catalogue the psychic hazards of modern life— its unfairness, inauthenticity, impossibility. Both thirtyish survivors, Haines and Coomes have been plugging away for a decade or so in various guises (Haines with the Auteurs and terrorist fetishizers Baader Meinhof, Coomes with the S.F.-based Donner Party and Heatmiser, best known as Elliott Smith's old band), both, in their own way, figuring out if erudite cynicism is a sustainable mode... More >>>