There's a moment at the end of Fox's game show 'Greed,' right when the contestant daniel aces the final question. He punches his hands up and screams. At that moment, he and his teammates became the first players to hit the million-dollar jackpot on network TV. But there are still about 10 minutes left in the program, and the perfectly embalmed host, Chuck Woolery, seemsat a loss. Rather than summon up another contestant, the producers showed the winning moment. . . again. 'we felt that the significance of the moment in TV history was such that it would be a shame to throw it away," explains the show's executive producer, Bob Boden. "We wanted to make a bigger moment out of it." So here is Daniel punching his hands again. Here he is coming into the brilliant million.This kind of money shot has been getting a lot of play lately. Regis Philbin says one of his favorite moments from his inescapable hit Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was when a music teacher from West Virginia, making $12,000 a year, won $250,000 and threw his arms in the air. Last Thursday, it was replaced by that night's million-dollar payday to a single player, John Carpenter, who locked lips with his wife while the crowd pumped their arms up and confetti poured down. Network TV has found a... More >>>