Leftfield. I'm a bit at a loss for words about these guys. The Afrika Bambaataa track, "Afrika Shox," a hit in England about which I've got plenty to say (see below), is something of an anomaly—the rest of the new album is beats and textures, atmosphere and dubbery. It took a while for the more atmosphery-ambient tracks to click in; now that they have, my basic feeling is that Leftfield could make a leaking faucet sound dramatic. Hard to define the weight that moves this music forward, though. And there, my metaphors don't even seem to match—"weight"? "forward"? How about if I say, "Leftfield's music has gravity, which gives it presence, and the presence gives it a sense of moving forward purposefully even in the absence of song structure, even when it's simply beats and tones transmogrifying slowly into slightly different beats and... More >>>