While the media in Seattle focused the world's attention on cops clad in riot gear and violent protesters, one group kept clear of the melee and emerged as one of the missing links in the trade war story. On the opening day of the World Trade Organization Conference last Monday, Jubilee 2000—a global coalition of religious, labor, and antipoverty groups—marched in the rain from the First United Methodist Church to the Seattle Exhibition Center, where the gala opening reception for WTO trade ministers was being held. There, the protesters linked arms, forming a human chain. With flashlights, a few illuminated their faces, offering a spooky reminder that human beings are affected by the numerical wranglings typical of trade negotiations. They trained attention on a major gap in the WTO protest story: world debt—its relief and the ways it hinders many developing nations from improving the environmental standards and worker's rights that many protesters fear are being eroded here in the wealthier United States as a result... More >>>