The synthesizer's bubbling like a mischievously well-tuned fart as the meat-market beat starts, and why wouldn't it? After all, it's nearly 1983—ancient astronauts like Bowie and Roxy were luring their robot-disco tricks home to rock all the way back in '75. All the more reason for young Edwyn Collins, frontman of Orange Juice, to march in place: Scottish burr and slight lisp be as damned as expired fashion, he's doggedly keeping up with the same old thing, the same old first-vision-of/lost-chance-for love: The line "When I saw you standin' salty in the rain" is still music to his wounds. "Rip it up and start again," he suddenly commands himself, taking over the (his) guitar's tauntingly taut appropriation of Chic's cheerful "Good Times" lick. Ah, but soon he's adding "Swallow my pride" with a humorous Bowie-frog gulp, and it looks like "Rip It Up" is gonna settle into a lovable tears-of-the-clownin', semi-fly-for-a-white guy funk. Yet something's... More >>>