There’s no stubbornness quite like New York City’s. Eulogize a scene only to watch another one rise. Expect old institutions to die and instead they thrive. You’d count on Anthology Film Archives, with its ’60s radicalist roots and creaky old schoolhouse situated on prime Second Avenue and 2nd Street real estate, to go the way of Mars Bar, its recently shuttered spiritual sister a block south. But instead, like resilient film repertory houses throughout the city, it still stands. In fact, attendance at Anthology has gone up by 35 percent in the past two years—years in which other media have effectively collapsed. “It’s really a down time in New York, and has been for a number of years, but cinema culture is at a high,” says Andrew Lampert, Anthology’s archivist. “People are doing things with nothing. There’s more going on than... More >>>