The Japanese multimedia artist Yuichi Higashionna has written that his work is influenced by fanshii culture, which he defines as "kitschy, girlish, and tacky." Although his DIY aesthetic can certainly be seen as tacky, don't expect a Takashi Murakami vibe of perverse cuteness here. Higashionna, born in Tokyo in 1951, creates sculptures from those round fluorescent rings familiar from many a Lower East Side kitchen. Dozens of these fixtures, lashed together with cable ties, hang from the ceiling in Chandelier 14 (2010). Exposed wiring cascades to the floor and plugs into a spread-out jumble of transformers like a root system providing energy for the flamboyant display high above. Elsewhere, 22 of the rings climb the wall, a radiant chain raggedly stitched together by black and... More >>>