At last year’s We Love the Golden Girls Party, hosted by the Voice’s very own Sharyn Jackson, we decided we’d join the antics by going all out in full-on old-lady drag. Wearing a long floral gown, a gray-haired wig, and loads of eye shadow, we got a glimpse of our future: partying all night at the Stonewall Inn as a hot geriatric. Tonight’s Golden Girls drag tribute party, now in its fourth year, boasts an awesome lineup including the World Famous *BOB*, Adam Feldman, Alexia Tate, Amber Martin, Gayle Robbins, Lady Coco Larue, Margoh Channin, Raven Snook, and Susie Q. The night features a Golden Girls troupe performance, a marathon of G.G.–inspired comedy, the Old Lady Style Station (to get that grandma look), and a Golden Girls runway lookalike/impersonation contest for prizes. Don’t forget to pack the... More >>>