Type "Dog Eat Dog" into a search engine, and you'll find out about AC/DC, post-grunge-era Warrant, and a rock-rap band from Jersey in the '90s. Good luck unearthing the early-'80s all-girl trio who played a loose and sprightly brand of No Wave that was close in sound to their Lower East Side neighbors Liquid Liquid, Konk, and ESG. In fact, even with the last decade's thorough trolling of the depths of the L.E.S. and its potent convergence of music, street art, fashion, photography, and whatever else you got for appraisal and reissue, there was no trace of the music made by saxophonist Linda Pitt, bassist Soody Sisco, and percussionist Martha Fishkin, who attended Rutgers together then crossed the river... More >>>