When it's up close and personal, photography can really get under your skin. In these separate but related bodies of work, Katy Grannan employs California's paradisiacal sunlight and a gritty empathy to illuminate life at society's margins. In a culture that worships youthful and surgically perfected flesh, one might imagine life as a sagging, middle-aged transsexual to be a tough row to hoe, but in this photographer's downtown show (at Salon 94 Freemans), we meet Dale and Gail, best friends who revel in their ersatz femininity. Despite her truncated plumbing, Dale can't escape her own square shoulders and boxy torso—whether posing in sheer pantyhose or nude on a bed, she projects a blond ideal closer to Edgar Winter than Marilyn Monroe. And yet those 20 jungle-red nails and that coquettish body language achieve a poignant, corporeal dissonance. Then there's a photo of Gail, in tasteful white pumps, her russet tresses and frilly, crocheted shawl wafting in a Pacific breeze. Grannan's models pose as they desire to be seen, even if, as Gail once told the photographer, "All we really have are our... More >>>