While it's true that New York needs another film festival as much as Callista Gingrich needs another line of credit, it's also true that, considering the current state of affairs, there has never been a greater need for adventurously programmed surveys of independent films. With the market for independent and international cinema shifting, drastically if not yet exclusively, to streamable formats, it's at theatrically hosted festivals where worthwhile films can still be properly presented and showcased and where word of mouth can still lead to greater exposure. First Look, the inaugural edition of which runs from January 6 to 15 at the Museum of the Moving Image, embraces that mission in both name and execution. Rather than pad out its schedule with fest-friendly studio films on their way to a national theatrical rollout, First Look presents a highly selective slate of 13 features, 12 of which are receiving a New York premiere. And like Film Comment Selects, Lincoln Center's eclectic survey of new and old scarcities, First Look promises to be less about red carpets and after-parties than serious... More >>>